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Sports Chiropractic in Flower Mound

person having knee adjustedAt The Healthy Place, we know the unique demands on the body that athletes face. Whether you’re a professional or a weekend warrior, our sports chiropractic services are designed to optimize your strength, enhance your performance, and prevent and rehabilitate injuries. With our personalized approach to care, we work together with our patients to create custom care plans that bring them the ultimate success in natural wellness.

Sport-Specific Care: Testing, Adjusting, and Customizing

What sets us apart is our focus on testing various muscle strengths to ensure optimal performance. Through extensive muscle testing, we not only assess your overall strength, but also evaluate the individual function of each muscle. This allows us to identify any weaknesses or imbalances that might hinder your performance. With this information in hand, we carefully adjust you and address any issues to help you achieve your maximum potential.

Every sport has its specific requirements and movement patterns. At The Healthy Place, our care is tailored to meet those unique needs. We analyze your sport-specific activities to identify the most common injuries and muscles that require extra attention. By focusing on these areas, we position your body to function optimally, minimizing the risk of injury and maximizing your performance.


Optimal Functioning: Testing the Nervous System and Beyond

To achieve optimal performance, it’s crucial for your nervous system to function at its peak. Our thorough approach includes testing your nervous system to identify any potential issues. By addressing these concerns, we help enhance your body’s ability to perform and recover effectively.

Our team goes beyond traditional treatments by analyzing your body’s movement patterns and identifying what is going wrong. Whether it’s pain, dysfunction, or the inability to fully perform certain movements, our goal is to help you overcome these barriers.

While chiropractic care, in general, focuses on alignment and adjustment, we take it a step further with our advanced techniques. Our doctor specializes in Applied Kinesiology (AK) and Quantum Neurology®. These techniques go deep into the intricate neurology behind muscle activation and movement. By thoroughly testing your muscles, we help them respond as required, minimizing compensation and hidden weaknesses that may lead to injury or hinder your performance.

AK is one of the main techniques we use, a fascinating method that originated in the 1960s with Dr. George Goodheart, to uncover undiagnosed weakness and enhance performance. This technique has revolutionized chiropractic care for athletes by focusing on muscle testing and function.

person having arm adjusted

The Science of Kinesiology: Examining Movement and Function

Kinesiology, the study of movement and function, forms the foundation of our approach. We combine this scientific understanding with the practical application of AK. By studying how your body functions and actively testing muscles, we gain valuable insights into why things may not be optimally functioning.

Through AK analysis, we determine the root cause of the issue and develop tailored strategies to restore optimal functioning. By assessing individual muscle strengths and weaknesses, we identify hidden imbalances that may hinder your performance. With this knowledge, we develop an individualized plan to address imbalances, enhance your overall strength and performance, and prevent future injuries.

Quantum Neurology: Enhancing Brain-Muscle Communication

In addition to AK testing, we incorporate the powerful techniques of Quantum Neurology (QN). This offshoot of kinesiology focuses on establishing proper brain function and optimizing communication between your brain and muscles. With only a select few certified practitioners in this technique, including our team at The Healthy Place, we are at the forefront of cutting-edge sports performance methods. By utilizing QN, we ensure that every aspect of your body is functioning in sync, allowing you to tap into your full athletic potential.

Transform From Pain to Peak Performance

Our unique training in these advanced techniques has made a significant impact on athletes at all levels. Countless individuals, including Dr. Campbell, D.C., have experienced personal transformations through our care. We understand the frustrations of dealing with injuries and limitations that hinder your ability to participate fully in your favorite activities.

By addressing imbalances, aligning your body, and enhancing brain-muscle communication, we help you overcome chronic pain, restore function, and reach new levels of performance.

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