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Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) in Flower Mound

What Is Neuro Emotional Technique?

Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) is a unique therapy that uses manual muscle testing to determine unresolved emotions that are placing stress on your unconscious mind and harming your body, often unknowingly. We then help you process these emotions using chiropractic adjustments and acupressure, removing this stored stress from your body.


Emotional Stress Is Stress

person stressed at their deskOur bodies are under a tremendous amount of stress all the time, from the constant weight of gravity and other physical stressors like sitting at a desk all day or playing sports, to the chemical stressors of pollution and toxins in our food. There’s a third type of stress that many people forget about, and that’s emotional stress. It may not be as obvious as pesticides, but it’s just as real.

When we experience emotions, our body produces hormones and physical responses that change its function. Think about when you get angry and tense up, or when you have a feeling of butterflies in your stomach when nervous. These are examples of how emotions and thoughts can produce physical responses in our bodies. Ideally, these emotions should be short lived and then processed and resolved by our body.

Unfortunately, they often go unresolved. Even when we think back on past experiences, our body recreates the same physical response—so it’s like we’re reliving the situation. Many times, when our body experiences these emotional changes, it does not return to its normal, optimal state. This leads to storing negative chemicals and thoughts that degrade the body and diminish overall health.

Letting Go

Without aiding our body in physically processing the various emotions that we deal with on a daily basis, these toxic emotional effects can plague us for a lifetime. At The Healthy Place, we use Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) to bring up the awareness of these underlying emotions in your nervous system and then allow your body to process and let them go, relieving the neurological and physical stress that they have placed on your body.

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