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Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation in Flower Mound

What Is Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation?

Adjusting patient's neckQuantum Neurology® Rehabilitation is a revolutionary nervous system rehabilitation technique that uses quantum physics principles to heal and optimize the nervous system. We use special testing and protocols to diagnose injuries, breakdowns, stressors, and weakness within the nervous system that can result from and perpetuate injuries, body dysfunction, and suboptimal performance within the body. These may present as:

  • Recurring injuries
  • Unhealed injuries
  • Muscle dysfunction
  • Loss or alterations in sensation
  • Decreased cognitive abilities
  • Loss of range of motion
  • And many, many more….


We test every major nerve in the body to determine its function, using a grading scale. The type of muscle testing we do at The Healthy Place is the same that neurologists use, and we are testing for weakness in the muscle. Whenever we find a muscle that can’t hold against external resistance, we know the nerve to that muscle has sustained an injury.

Injuries to nerves cause pain and decreased strength and range of motion, and every time that nerve is activated, it must “steal” energy from other areas to compensate. This can cause a cascade effect of other injuries. Rehab will help with the muscle, but it doesn’t address the nerve function as much as necessary.

With Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation, we can help rehab nerve injuries. After finding the breakdowns within your nervous system, we apply a specific protocol using an ArthroStim instrument that gently taps on the nerve to reset it, while red light therapy stimulates blood flow to that nerve, speeding healing. We are retraining your body’s nervous system to recognize these specific issues, reset the affected nerves, and stimulate growth and healing.

The changes to overall function are often times life-changing for patients.

Get Advanced Healing Today

Dr. Campbell is one of only approximately 400 Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation practitioners in the world. Contact us today to get started with this advanced healing technique.

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