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Headache Relief in Flower Mound

person with a headacheHeadaches can stem from various factors, including lifestyle habits, misalignments in the spine and skull, muscle dysfunction, and many others. By exploring the root causes of pain, we have great results getting relief from headaches and migraines.

Dr. Campbell, D.C. uses muscle testing to identify dysfunctional areas in the neck and skull. This allows for targeted care to address the specific areas contributing to the patient’s symptoms.

He also addresses any lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your headaches, including evaluating ergonomic setups at work and home, ensuring proper hydration, as dehydration can cause headache symptoms to increase, suggesting therapeutic exercises, and many other factors.


person having neck adjusted

Alleviating Muscle Tension in the Neck

There are many muscles in the neck that attach to the skull, and anytime anything shifts out of place in the neck, it will cause those muscles to spasm and essentially pull on the head, potentially causing headaches. It may also lead to referral pain in many different areas, not just neck pain.

When this happens, Dr. Campbell, D.C. uses cranial adjusting techniques to correct the misalignments in the skull as well as neck adjusting. By gently adjusting these areas with precise adjustments, we realign the spine, promote proper movement, alleviate tension, relieve pressure on the nerves, and reduce headache frequency. Most people experience dramatic improvements from this care.

Red light therapy is also incorporated into the session to increase blood flow and promote healing. This non-invasive modality complements adjustments and helps alleviate headache symptoms.

Getting the Results You Deserve

Dr. Campbell, D.C. has witnessed remarkable transformations in patients suffering from chronic headaches. Many individuals who have previously tried various methods and been to other practitioners in search of answers experienced significant relief after just a few visits. Some went from experiencing daily excruciating headaches to being virtually headache-free for months, highlighting how holistic chiropractic care can manage headache symptoms.

Put Headache Pain in the Past

If you’re tired of living with headaches that disrupt your daily life, consider chiropractic care with us at The Healthy Place. Experience the life-changing relief that targeted adjustments and holistic care can provide. Schedule a consultation today and start living a headache-free life.



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