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About The Healthy Place

doctor talking with patientWhen he opened the doors at The Healthy Place in 2021, Dr. Dustin Campbell, D.C. knew he wanted it to be a place where people understand they hold the key to their health and happiness—a place where they would get the care they need and the tools to live their best lives.

As your Flower Mound Chiropractor, Dr. Campbell, D.C. wants everyone to know that no matter how desperate the situation may feel, he will do everything he can to get to the bottom of it and work with you to correct it.


Our Golden Rule Of Care

Dr. Campbell, D.C. grew up with his grandparents, and he models himself after his grandfather, who always does the right thing for others. He carries this approach into his practice, treating every patient with the care, compassion, and dedication he would want a doctor to offer his grandparents.

Our chiropractor is constantly on the lookout for more health options to use to help his patients. He feels everyone should be able to do the things they want to do in life without issues, and he wants people to have the best care he can give.

Looking Beyond Symptoms for the Root Cause

Treating pain is just the first step in our care. If we don’t look beyond the obvious to discover the underlying cause of the person’s symptoms, the pain will just continue to return.

Many patients come to us when they haven’t improved after seeing other doctors. Our commitment is to dig deeper and use all the tools and services at our disposal to find the cause of your condition and help you correct it.

You Can Create Your Own Wellness

Dr. Campbell, D.C. is passionate about education and helping patients understand how they can make changes that will dramatically improve their lives. He offers patients various tools they can use to optimize their health outside the practice. Better health is in your hands—embrace it!

Get on the Path to Optimal Health

Contact us today to book your first appointment and discover what The Healthy Place has to offer.


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