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Auto Accident Chiropractic in Flower Mound

person with neck pain after auto accidentAuto accidents can wreak havoc on the body, particularly the neck and spine. Injuries often involve strained muscles, damaged ligaments, and misaligned vertebrae, leading to nerve compression and a range of painful symptoms. Since symptoms don’t always show up immediately, prompt and thorough care is crucial to prevent long-term complications.

Delaying treatment for auto injuries may result in chronic pain, headaches, migraines, and even degenerative conditions over time. Seeking prompt medical attention is essential to lowering these risks and promoting optimal recovery. Even if symptoms are not immediately apparent, it’s crucial to undergo evaluation as soon as possible following an accident.


Our Comprehensive Approach to Your Care

Dr. Campbell, D.C. employs a multifaceted approach to address auto injuries effectively. Red light therapy accelerates tissue healing, while herbal supplements aid in injury repair. The process starts with muscle testing to identify specific areas of injury. By stimulating acupuncture points corresponding to affected muscles, Dr. Campbell, D.C. facilitates rapid recovery and alleviates pain.

doctor working with patient

During appointments for auto injuries, Dr. Campbell, D.C. conducts a thorough assessment, gathering specific details about the accident and the patient’s condition. This tailored approach allows him to address individual needs effectively and develop a personalized care plan for the best recovery. Patients can expect a comprehensive evaluation and specialized care to help them regain their health and well-being.

Navigating Insurance Coverage So You Don’t Have to

Dr. Campbell, D.C. works with both auto and traditional health insurance providers to ensure patients receive the necessary care. Depending on the policy, either type of insurance may cover medical expenses related to auto injuries. Patients should provide detailed information about the accident during their visit to facilitate the claims process.

Put Accident Pain in the Rear Mirror

Auto accidents can have significant consequences for the body. Still, with prompt and comprehensive care, patients can recover effectively and minimize long-term complications.

Dr. Campbell, D.C.’s integrative approach to treating auto injuries focuses on addressing underlying issues, promoting healing, restoring optimal function, and helping patients get back on the road to recovery. Contact The Healthy Place to book an appointment!



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